HomeHardware_WebSelect Home Hardware stores in British Columbia will soon be marketing one of the best LED light bulbs in the marketplace at a price point below 10 dollars.

Led Bright’s Choice 60-watt replacement manufactured by Cozyair is rated at six watts and will last 40,000 hours. As with all light bulb products imported by HighNet Energy there is a five-year unconditional guarantee on this bulb and it comes in a warm white colour suitable for all applications.

We’re always working with our Home Hardware partners to find innovative ways to get more consumers buying LED light bulbs for their homes and businesses. Although Led Bright has a range of LED bulb products with varying light shades, specifications and prices, the low price point for Led Bright’s 60-watt Cozyair replacement will encourage more people to try them.

So watch for this special deal on a high-quality LED bulb at the HighNet Energy display rack or light-bulb aisle at your neighbourhood Home Hardware store in B.C. You’ll be saving money and our planet by dramatically cutting your energy consumption.

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