Battery Table (Thumbnail)The City of Burnaby experimented with taking a portion of one of its popular spring festivals ‘off-grid” by using a lithium-ion battery system and inverter provided by HighNet Energy Inc.

The annual Rhododendron Festival was held in the last weekend of April at Deer Lake Park in Central Burnaby. In past Festivals the various booths and stage sound-system have relied on power from regular Hydro outlets. This often resulted in length cabling and in some cases the use of generators.

This time the festival planners located battery and inverter pack near the main stage and it generated the necessary energy to run that part of the sound system and music system. The Burnaby Rhodofest is one of first public festivals on the spring calendar and brings people to Deer Lake Park and the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts for a number of special events devoted to all things flowers and plants. The festival events included kite-making; aboriginal medicinal plants; live music and of course numerous specials on flower arrangements and even bee-keeping.

Battery-Area_IconBecause the battery system and re-charged by solar energy, at the end the day of it means at least a portion of the festival is completely free of any energy generated from fossil fuels or other energy sources that contribute to global warming.

Burnaby’s head audio engineer provided a detailed report on the performance of the lithium-ion battery pack and the City’s production manager Jonathan Ryder agreed “the potential for these devices is massive and can apply to small functions but scaled up to deal with larger event needs.” The result is that these Festivals are completely ‘green’ because they are run without the use of diesel generators or grid-based power from B.C. Hydro.

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