Solar Panels

By ChristofferRiemer (Own work) [CC-BY-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

As manufacturers make production breakthroughs and dramatically lower the costs for household rooftop solar panels, a whole new world of energy generation is opening up.

Only a few years ago a fully functioning roof-top solar panel system was a cumbersome, expensive set-up that captured some energy from the sun and was environmentally responsible. But with such low energy costs from traditional utility companies, the actually recovery of the capital cost in energy-savings of a solar panel setup could take years.

Fast forward to 2014 and the cost of energy and major technological advances have intersected. Today solar panels are fraction of their original size and generate far more energy. In parts of the world where energy is far more expensive than in North America, these solar panel setups now dot the rooftops of homes and buildings in Europe and Asia.

How long will it be before solar panels make major inroads into the North American market? Not long, according to industry experts. So convinced are some companies in the U.S. that neighbourhood solar energy generation is the energy wave of the future that they are offering up creative financing schemes for homeowners and businesses to acquire a solar panel system.

Customers can either rent or lease the solar panel system or finance the purchase at very competitive interest rates. Even with the financing costs built-in, homeowners can still save big dollars on their energy costs and can recapture the entire capital cost in energy-savings in a few years. As the cost of energy continues to rise and solar panel manufacturing costs come down, this recovery time could be reduced to a few months.

Let’s not forget what’s most important. Capturing energy from the sun instead of generating it with fossil fuels can help save the planet. There’s more information on the Greentech Media website at

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