I’ve talked in the past about how localized energy storage technologies will be a fundamental “game-changer” in our energy future.

Just think of it. Block after block of intercity homes, business and buildings with some form of energy-generation technology such as solar panels or devices that harvest excess energy from standard appliances and store it on-site for future use. When people crank up the thermostat in the morning they’d be harvesting power from their own in-house grid instead of tapping into the public or private utility hundreds of kilometers away.

We’re getting a sneak peak of what the World and particularly North America may be in for in the immediate future with recent developments in California. The Golden State and the Silicon Valley always seems to be at the forefront of planet-changing innovations and energy storage technologies are no different.

In fact several publications including Greentech Media have speculated that energy storage is “the new holy grail of a clean energy future”. Energy storage is multifaceted. It can take the form of large batteries; flywheels; pumped hydro facilities; compressed air energy storage; and many other applications.

However it is new battery technology that is the real potential game-changer. Production costs are coming down, storage capacity is improving rapidly and the physical size of the batteries is being reduced every year. It has all moved Greentech Grid to ask the rhetorical question: “Is an energy storage tsunami about to hit California?” We can only hope.

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