The winter storm season is coming, and with it the inevitability of power blackouts. But with a HighNet Energy home backup battery system, you’ll never be without power again.

NovoSolar_Booth_WebFor many businesses, time is money and you can definitely lose a lot of both during an extended power outage.

HighNet Energy is coming to the rescue with a home-energy battery storage system that will keep the juice flowing for more than 40 hours and costs pennies to operate. The system will enable businesses to process electronic purchases and payments and keep the lights on—two reasons why most enterprises have to shutter their doors when there’s a B.C. Hydro power failure. This is lost revenue business-owners never get back and have no insurance to cover.

The system operates with a pair of lithium-ion batteries and an inverter, which draws minimal power to remain fully charged in the event of an emergency. For off-grid applications, it can be mated to a solar-panel array which will keep the power flowing indefinitely.

That last freak summer windstorm was a wake-up call for a lot of businesses. Nobody expects to be without power for days in the middle of summer. But with global warming disrupting traditional weather patterns and creating freak wind and rainstorms, the loss of power is something that we may have to get used to.

Nor is it just businesses at risk. Many homeowners keep a supply of meat and dairy products in refrigerated systems. A power disruption of even a day can put those food supplies at risk. And then there’s the loss of data on home computers. Given the number of home-based businesses and sensitive data, this is another high power-failure risk. But a home energy system from HighNet Energy will provide enough juice to run your refrigerator and computer, and keep enough lights on, so you can ride out virtually any power outage.

Home Battery Kit

A system featuring Lithium-Ion batteries and a converter will keep you powered up even when there’s a blackout. And best of all, it will fit in a broom closet.

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