LedBright Icon (Sm)The Led Bright’s Choice range of bulbs is designed to provide the best choice of LED replacement for existing Incandescent, Halogen and CFL light bulbs.


The 4 main selection criteria for inclusion in the Led Bright’s Choice range are:


  • High Efficiency – The LED bulbs are high effi ciency bulbs with a lumen per watt figure of between 70 and100. These bulbs typically generate fi nancial and energy savings of between 80 and 90%.
  • Similar to Existing Popular Bulbs – People have been used to quality light for a long time. LED technology is capable of enhancing this quality, emulating different light colours and adding new exciting features. Led Bright’s Choice is keeping the existing look of the current bulb and replacing it with the new technology bulb.
  • Quality Branded LED Chips – The choice of LED bulbs is from the top LED manufacturers, including Nichia, Samsung, Lumileds, COB and Epistar. The assembly manufacturers are also chosen with care.
  • Affordable – While Led Bright’s Choice bulbs are quality they are also designed to be affordable with a typical range from under $10 to $30.


We sell in boxes – Led Bright’s Choice bulbs are sold in boxes for three reasons:

• they are easy to open, to touch, look at and see the light in a comparative setting
• this is a more environmentally positive packaging
• this is much more efficient for delivery, anything up to three times more effective


All Led Bright’s Choice products come with a 5 year Guarantee.