LED Bright Book Tour

David Clark-Wilson kicks-off his “Book and Bulb” tour in Vancouver, B.C. – Sept. 16

When it comes to the environment and saving energy, people really do care and are highly motivated to do the right thing.

Certainly that’s what I have found as I’ve traveled about British Columbia and the Yukon promoting my book and talking to people, explaining how converting to Led light bulbs in their homes and businesses can help save money and the planet.

We do our setup in the local Home Hardware outlet, and once I get the chance to engage people in a discussion about the dramatic difference Led bulbs can make to their energy bills and the environment, our Led Bright bulbs sell themselves.

Converting to Led bulbs can cut energy consumption for lighting by 90 percent. The more people convert the more energy the planet conserves – and the more energy we save the less demand for new sources and the smaller footprint on our environment.

My book, “Led Bright’s Mission to Save the Planet – The Light Bulb Games” is all about the competition between Led’s and other light bulbs. In future blogs I’ll be talking more about “Inky” (the venerable incandescent bulb headed for extinction); Curly (compact fluorescents = bad for the environment) and our action hero Led Bright.

For more information on Led Bright, the Light Bulb Games and the Led story visit us at the Highnet Energy website or contact me, David Clark-Wilson at 604-771-9051 or dcw@highnetenergy.com