VANCOUVER – HighNet Energy is committed to importing the latest LED bulb technologies and making these innovations available to its customer base.

led_20w-bulbs-allHighNet Energy was the first importer to bring-in a broad range of liquid-cooled bulbs in all colours and light levels. Then it was the importation of the LED Bright 3.5 watt LED filament bulbs last year. The next filament bulb breakthrough was the 2-watt candle LED which replaced the 40-60 watt incandescent. It was proven a winner for use in decorative lamps, wall sconces and bedroom fixtures. It features the same 360-degree light pattern as the inefficient incandescent but uses 90 percent less energy.

led-nitor_60w_2200kThis October, HighNet is stocking a total of five new LED bulbs, which can be bought online or will make their debuts soon at select Home Hardware stores in BC. HighNet Energy now stocks more than 60 different LED bulbs for virtually every application and light fixture in homes and businesses.

The new additions to HighNet Energy’s LED inventory will have the same long life—30,000 hours—and will use 90 percent less energy. These bulbs will be particularly popular for bathrooms, kitchen fixtures and other types of lamps needing a broad range of light ambience.

led-nitor_60w_2700kThe new filament globe bulbs will be a big hit with interior designers, renovators and other people looking for bulbs which have the same appearance as the old incandescents. There’s now an LED bulb for every household application. But don’t be fooled by some of the cheap LED’s flooding the marketplace. Led Bright and Nitor  Bulbs from HighNet Energy come with the longest guarantees and the highest quality in the industry. Most Led Bright and Nitor bulbs will last at least 50,000 hours and up to five years.

So watch for Led Bright’s Choice and Nitor bulbs at your neighbourhood Home Hardware or visit us online at

Also, for more details on Led Bright, all our LED products or the breakthrough liquid cooled bulbs, you can contact me: David Clark-Wilson 604-771-9051 or