HighNet Energy is committed to bringing in the most innovative and consumer focused products for its customers and heavy users of mobile devices will appreciate this one.

For a trial run we’re stocking a ‘power stick’ for mobile devices manufactured by “Killer Concepts”. This is no ordinary emergency charger for your cell phone. Once the stick is charged, it stores enough juice indefinitely to re-charge a cell phone twice. But it can also be used for other devices.

It’s a perfect size for purses, briefcases or lap-top cases and will carry its own charge for weeks. So when that annoying bleep or warning sign flashes on your cell-phone telling you it’s time to plug in, you can simply connect your device to a memory stick and continue texting, email surfing and calling. It will be charging while you use it.

The Killer Power Stick from HighNet Energy will retail at $19.99 and can be ordered from the LED Bright store and warehouse at 2141 Burrard or by calling us at 604-771-9051.


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