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The new LED filament bulb on the left and the old incandescent on the right.

As LED chip technology continues its march towards higher efficiency and miniaturization, the array of LED light bulbs hitting the marketplace is truly amazing.

Buyers of LED Bright’s Choice LED’s have often told me that while they understand the venerable incandescent light bulb is an energy hog and generates 90 percent heat to 10 percent energy, they still love the shape, the appearance and the warm, soft light it generates. After all it is the bulb they grew up with.

But consumers can now have it both ways. With LED chips rapidly becoming smaller and more powerful, manufacturers are now bringing out an array of bulbs that look exactly like the old incandescents but have all the energy-saving properties of LED’s. Consider that the new LED filament bulb when illuminated is indistinguishable from the incandescent, yet lasts 40 times longer and is rated a 3.5 watts instead of 40 watts.

There are certain lamps and lighting applications where the clear incandescent is an appropriate choice. Now the new LED filament bulb actually produces a better light effect at a fraction of the energy cost and will help save the planet by saving energy.

So watch the HighNet Energy website or your local Home Hardware store for more information on LED Bright’s Choice new LED filament bulb. It will likely come in at a price point of $15.00 and of course is unconditionally guaranteed for five full years.

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LED chip technology in the new filament bulb (left) actually produces a more even light pattern than the old incandescent (right)