GreatRace-LogoLed Bright and HighNet Energy are looking for volunteers in the Great Climate Race, a race against the global temperature time-clock that mankind has to find a way to win.

On November 8, 2015, you can walk, jog or run for 10 kilometers around Stanley Park in Vancouver to support awareness and raise money for an important climate change initiative in Greater Vancouver. Money raised from the Race will go directly towards not-for-profit organizations to help them fund solar panel acquisitions and other important measures that will help them cut energy costs and reduce their overhead. The money they save will not only reduce our dependence on fossil fuels which warm the planet, but will help them broaden their vital community-based programs.

How can you help? Teams from HighNet Energy and Led Bright’s Choice Light Bulbs are looking for:

  • Volunteers to join one of our teams and ‘run’ the 10k around Stanley Park
  • Volunteers to join one of our teams to ‘walk’ the 10K course
  • Sponsors to support this cause with a donation per kilometer.

For more information on the event you can visit the Great Climate Change Race website or to help the HighNet and Led Bright teams, visit one of my personal pages:

You can also learn more about energy, solar panels, LED technologies, and the story of ‘Led Bright and the Light Bulb Games’ story, by logging on our website at Or contact me personally: David Clark Wilson at 604-771-9051 or by email at

See you in November at the Second Beach start-line in Stanley Park for the race of our lives.