GreatRace-LogoVancouver’s inaugural ‘Great Climate Change Race’ featured special guest appearances by two of the central characters in David Clark-Wilson’s book “Led Bright’s Mission to Save the Planet; The Light Bulb Games”.

Great-Climate-Race_LedBright-01This special event was held  Sunday Nov. 8th in Vancouver’s Stanley Park. It featured runners, walkers and participants of all ages, coming together to raise money for climate change awareness and to support the installation of solar panels on key public and not-for-profit buildings in the City.

Joining the race participants were “Inky” (the old incandescent light bulb); and “Led Bright”(the action hero LED light bulb) who saves consumers 90 percent on their energy bills. The third character, Curly (the environmental unfriendly compact fluorescent bulb (CFL) decided to sit it out.

Inky-Curly_Led-BrightTypically “Inky” collapsed well before the finish line of a race devoted to climate change awareness. It was a symbolic gesture about how people concerned about our environment and climate change can do something as simple as swap out their energy-hog incandescent light bulbs for high efficiency, long-lasting LED’s.

For more information about his important Vancouver event you can pay an on-line visit to: For information on Led Bright and news on all the breakthrough technologies on energy generation and storage visit the HighNet website often.