Savvy consumers in Whitehorse and throughout the Yukon love their LEDs and we’re proud that the Whitehorse Home Hardware is one of the major customers for Led Bright bulbs.

Whether it is the result of the long dark nights of winter, or the energy-savings and long-lasting quality of LED bulbs, Home Hardware customers in Whitehorse are big consumers and can’t get enough of them. This is one of many reasons I make regular trips to Whitehorse, the latest occurring on the weekend of Dec. 14-16 just before the holidays.

The Whitehorse Home Hardware had a huge LED Bright sale and I always value the opportunity to meet with customers and convince them of the benefits of LEDs. It doesn’t need much convincing however. LED outdoor lights and work-lights are virtually impervious to the harsh winter conditions.

We guarantee Led Bright bulbs for five full years, whether or not they’re used in an indoor table lamp or outdoors on the side of barn where winter temperatures in the Yukon can hit -35 to -40. And at those temperatures, would you want to climb a ladder to replace incandescent bulb that lasted 1000 hours, or replace it with an LED bulb lasting 25,000 hours or more? And obviously at those temperatures, energy-savings for homeowners is even more important. They know that through LED replacement they can save almost 90 percent on the energy-consumption of a single bulb.

The three sale was headlined “Light up the North with LEDs” and I was gratified to be part of it.

Product Brochure: Light up the North with LEDs

Light up the North