Recently I was honored to be invited to speak to the Regional Meeting of the Canadian Rotary Club at their annual luncheon-business meeting in Vancouver.

I was asked to talk about the mandate of HighNet Energy to save energy through importing LED light bulb technology and providing public education on energy use and the future of our planet. This is a lot to cover in one 15-20 minute luncheon address.

Yet judging from the questions I received at the end of my presentation, Rotarians and many other members of the public are fascinated by the future of energy, and how conservation, energy storage and technology is all coming together to reshape our energy future.

The light bulb is only the start. By converting to LED light bulbs consumers can save 60-70 percent on their energy bills. Yet this simple step is only the beginning of a quantum shift in the energy paradigm. Let’s imagine for a moment that we could actually reduce the demand for new energy sources by that same percentage across the board and cut costs accordingly? What would this mean to the future of the planet, but our own future?

Not only is it possible but mankind is in the early stages of just such a technological energy revolution. This is the link to my remarks: