A19_Filament_3.5w_2700K_WhiteVANCOUVER – Demand will soon be outstripping supply as light bulb buyers discover the versatility and appearance of the next wave of Led Filament bulbs.

HighNet Energy introduced the LED Bright 3.5 watt LED filament bulb last year, which replaced the 40-60 watt incandescent. It was proven a winner for use in decorative lamps, wall sconces and bedrooms fixtures. It features the same 360-degree light pattern as the inefficient incandescent but uses 90-percent less energy.

The next filament bulb breakthrough is the 2-watt candle LED, which will replace the 25-watt incandescent bulb for chandeliers. HighNet Energy has just brought in a big shipment of these bulbs after feedback from our customers about how much they’re needed. It seems that everyone has a fixture or two needing a candle bulb. The LED candles feature the same long life—30,000 hours—and will use 90 percent of energy. These bulbs will be particularly popular for owners of homes with ceiling-mounted chandeliers. All too frequently replacing a bulb meant using a step-ladder and inching one’s way up and down to replace burned-out incandescents after only a thousand hours.

Filament-Bulbs_Compare-WebNow there’s yet another exciting LED filament bulb on the horizon. It’s a large globe bulb which I predict will be big hit with interior designers, renovators and other people looking for ambiance and appearance. We are anticipating that LED Bright’s filament globe bulbs will be available in significant quantities in the Warehouse-Showroom in a few months.

So watch for Led Bright’s Choice filament bulbs at your neighbourhood Home Hardware or visit us online at www.highnetenergy.com. Also, for more details on Led Bright, all our LED products or the breakthrough liquid cooled bulbs, you can contact me: David Clark-Wilson at 604-771-9051 or dcw@highnetenergy.com.

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