LED replacements for those flickering fluorescent tubes in commercial and office buildings have been around for awhile, but are now poised to make major inroads in the market.

The biggest barrier had been the price point for LED tubes but the march of technology and advances in manufacturing efficiencies are now producing a tube that is more than competitively priced. It now makes more sense than ever for building owners to do a conversion and for new building developers to go entirely with LED tubes.

These LED tubes have all the advantages of the standard LED light bulb. Cool to the touch, they save 80 percent of energy and last 25-times longer. And with a steady, white light, they totally eliminate that annoying flickering or buzzing which so often accompanies the old fluorescent tubes. Better lighting in our office buildings means better productivity and reduced health impacts such as headaches or eye strain.

The other major advantage comes about from significant savings in pre-wiring costs. Because LED’s have such low wattage and are cool to the touch, the wiring and ballasts required to house them are significantly reduced. Although LED tubes can plug into existing ballasts, for new building owners converting to LED’s right from the start can save many thousands of dollars in pre-wiring costs for their lighting.

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LED fluorescent lighting tubes

David Clark-Wilson with the new LED commercial lighting tubes.