Energy is the most vital resource for mankind— so the ways we generate it, utilize it, conserve it and advance it with technology, will all be on the table for discussion on LED Bright’s ‘Energy Show’ at CKNW radio.

With host David Clark-Wilson, the President of HighNet Energy and the creator of Led Bright, each week the world of energy will be explored with special experts and phone-in guests. The shows are aired Sunday nights at 7 p.m. on CKNW Radio 980, and are archived on the HighNet Energy website here.

The first couple of shows focused on the tremendous energy savings with LED Lights and how conserving energy at its source of consumption can help ‘save the planet’ by reducing the demand for new power plants that burn fossil fuels. But each new show will bring a different discussion about energy and its global future, particularly how the ground is shifting under our feet thanks to technology and innovation.

Led Bright’s Choice bulbs are imported by HighNet Energy of Vancouver and stocked in Home Hardware stores throughout British Columbia. In future ‘Energy Show’ programs we’ll be inviting the participation of Home Hardware employees who help consumers make enlightened and informed decisions about light bulbs every day in their stores. But everyone is invited to listen and comment on the Led Bright’s ‘Energy Show’ at its regular air time slot of Sundays at 7 p.m.

David Clark-Wilson - CKNW RadioDavid Clark-Wilson, the host of the “Energy Show” on Sunday evenings on the dial at CKNW Radio, NewsTalk 980.

To learn more about the show, the future of energy, LED technologies, and the story of ‘Led Bright and the Light Bulb Games’, visit the HighNet Energy website

You can also contact me, David Clark-Wilson at 604-771-9051 or