led-bright__inky-curlyFor almost 100 years, the handful of corporations which controlled the light bulb industry forced consumers to buy an old incandescent bulb which lasted about 1,000 hours.

Now with LED’s starting to dominate the market and the energy-hog incandescents gradually being phased out of the production, the same companies have set their sights on a ‘disposable LED’. They’re manufacturing and promoting an entry-level LED bulb, which is cheap but lasts only about 10,000 hours.

This time though, things will be different for light bulb cartel. Most importantly, there are LED light bulbs on the market today like HighNet Energy’s Led Bright bulbs, which are guaranteed for 50,000 hours and will last five years or more. Even the Led Bright entry-level LED’s which sell for under $10, will last 25,000 hours or more.

So why would consumers buy an inferior LED bulb from an old-name manufacturer and have to replace it after only 10,000 hours, when for virtually the same price they can buy a superior quality LED bulb which will last up to five years and 50,000 hours?

The answer of course is that they’re relying on consumer confusion about LED’s. Historically, the technology always existed to extend the life of the old incandescent bulbs far beyond their 1,000 hour life, but the major bulb manufacturers always resisted any changes. Simply put, they wanted you to have to buy more light-bulbs. It was ‘planned obsolescence’, just like their ‘old-new’ product, the 10,000 hour LED.

So in the words of Pete Townsend and “The Who” rock band –”Don’t be fooled again”. Check not only the price of your next LED purchase, but also the life-span. And in the case of LED’s from HighNet Energy you can actually test them in sockets at the store before you buy to ensure our bulbs have the light dispersal and illumination you want. The ‘old-new’ 10,000-hour bulbs come encased in hard plastic.

HighNet Energy’s Led Bright and Nitor brand bulbs are available at select Home Hardwares and Rona stores in British Columbia, as well as through our E-store. You can also visit our warehouse-showroom at 2141 Burrard Street in Vancouver.

ledbright-bookAnd if you visit our store you can secure a copy of my book:

Led Bright’s Mission to Save the Planet – the Light Bulb Games”

It’s a full story about the sorry history of the light bulb and the competition between LED’s (Led Bright); incandescent bulbs (Inky); and “Curly”, the disastrous compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL’s) which are no longer even being manufactured and are being pulled from store shelves.

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Led Bright - Entry Level BulbsHighNet Energy’s Led Bright bulbs not only save 90 percent of energy over the old incandescents, but they also last from 30,000 – 50,000 hours and have a five year guarantee.  This is up to five times longer than the ‘new’ entry level LED’s from the old-line light bulb manufacturers.