Mission: Create a video to prove the amazing durability of Led Bright’s new Liquid-Cooled bulb!

Dates: Oct. 18, 2014 – Jan. 1, 2015

Guideline: Bounce or drop the liquid-cooled bulb, catch it, and then plug it in to prove it still works.

Submission: Send us a link to your video (ie. YouTube or Vimeo): info@highnetenergy.com

Please include your full name and city of residence

Prize: The Most Imaginative Entry wins “Light Bulbs for Life” for your home. (Value: $500-$1000)


  • Andrew Weaver, MLA Oak Bay-Gordon Head
  • Mark Perry, President of Kerrisdale Lumber
  • Derek Corrigan, Mayor of Burnaby
  • Led Bright, the Intelligent Light Bulb

Video Guide: Check out our video for details and competition guidelines:

Press Release:

HighNet Energy is introducing the fascinating and shockingly durable liquid-cooled LED bulb at B.C. Home Hardware stores and other locations this month. We want buyers to cash in on the savings and help us promote this revolutionary new light bulb.

Visit select Home Hardware stores and other Led Bright’s Choice sales locations to acquire your Led Bright’s Choice liquid-cooled LED bulb. Take it home, and see for yourself what happens when you drop it. Use your imagination to come up with an idea on where or how you drop your bulb. Record your experiment on your camera phone, digital camera or other device and then upload to the HighNet Energy website.

Liquid-cooled bulbs can safely be dropped on the floor without shattering or affecting their performance.  The winner of the competition will be the person or team bouncing their bulb or bulbs with the most imagination. Options include bouncing to the sound of your favourite music, have a team event, juggle the bulbs or even see what your baby can do. After you’re done, just screw in your light bulb to prove it still works and send us your video.

At the end of the year a special panel of judges will review the videos and pick one winner. That lucky individual will receive a coupon guaranteeing “Light Bulbs for Life” from HighNet Energy. Of course we’re confident that even if your video isn’t picked as the outright winner, you’ll get great value from your liquid-cooled LED bulb.

Led Bright liquid-cooled bulbs are guaranteed for ten years and 50,000 hours. They will also save you a bundle in energy by replacing the 60-100 watt incandescent with a 6-8-10-12 watt LED that will last 50 times longer. You’ll also be helping save the planet by conserving energy in the home and cutting demand for power from new power plants that use fossil fuels.

David Clark-Wilson, the CEO of HighNet Energy, will be visiting a number of Home Hardware outlets and Vancity branches over the coming months. As well as acquiring their liquid-cooled bulbs, Vancity members receive a special 20 percent discount on all the Led Bright’s Choice range of LED light bulbs and a free book Led Bright’s Mission to Save the Planet – The Light Bulb Games. These are available at participating B.C. Home Hardwares or at the HighNet Energy Led Bright warehouse-showroom at 2141 Burrard Street in Vancouver.

For more information contact David Clark-Wilson at 604-771-9051 or dcw@highnetenergy.com