Vancouver Enterprises Join Forces to Save the Honey Bees

weshoporg-logoIs the world ready for the video featuring a rainstorm of liquid-cooled light bulbs from Led Bright and HighNet Energy cascading to the floor without breaking?

We’re about to find out. As part of its partnership with, HighNet Energy has supported the creation of a video which highlights the difference between these LED liquid cooled bulbs and the standard bulbs which waste energy and of course, shatter on impact.

North Vancouver actress Katherine Alpen, a versatile and widely accredited performer in Vancouver, is featured in the video. She supervises all the smashing and bouncing of light bulbs and offers a commentary on how consumers can help save the planet by buying a Led Bright liquid cooled bulb.

WeShop is an organization devoted to raising awareness and encouraging consumers to factor in the environmental impact of all their purchasing decisions and ‘do the right thing’. A portion of the proceeds from the products sold by its private sector partners helps WeShop in turn support various key environmental organizations and campaigns.

weshop-ledbright_video-frameThe official launch of the incredible bouncing bulb video was Sept. 10th and is sure to be widely shared on the net through social media when it pops up on the WeShop and HighNet websites. Viewers are also invited to guess how many ‘hits’ the video will receive on YouTube over the next two and half weeks.

HighNet Energy and WeShop’s ‘Liquid Cooled – Save the Planet’ collaboration will see a buck from the sale of each liquid-cooled bulb donated to a campaign to save the honey bee populations. With global warming, pollution and habitat destruction, the globe is experiencing a dangerous loss of bees, the greatest pollinator in the natural world. This has repercussions for not only the flowers and gardens we value, but for our entire food supply.

honeybee‘The Pollinator Partnership and Endangered Species Coalition’ is dedicated to saving the world’s bee populations and is appreciative of the help of HighNet Energy and its customers. Of course buying a liquid-cooled LED is about a lot more than saving our bees.

These breakthrough liquid-cooled bulbs from Led Bright are guaranteed for 40,000 hours or five full years and use 90 percent less energy than conventional bulbs. They come in range of colors and illumination, and replace the 60-100 watt incandescent with wattages ranging from 6-8-10 watts. Saving the planet is also about saving energy.

The full range of LED Bright bulbs are available at selected Home Hardware stores and Rona stores in B.C. as well as specialty stores like Kerrisdale Lumber. You can also purchase them on our e-store at or in person at the Vancouver Warehouse-Showroom, 2141 Burrard Street.