Bulb Illumination at Led Bright’s New Showroom

LedBright_ShowRoomLed Bright’s new showroom-warehouse is open for business at 2141 Burrard Street and it features more than simply the latest in LED light bulbs and industry-leading  technology.

Perhaps its most important role is to educate the consumer with hands-on displays and light bulb panels that even feature some of the competitors. Consumers can learn for themselves what they need to be looking for and considering—whether buying a few bulbs as replacements or doing an entire renovation on a residential or commercial building.

David Clark-Wilson, President of HighNet Energy and the creator of Led Bright’s showroom, points out that lighting displays in many traditional big-box stores do little to help consumers make the right choices. “Quality LED light bulbs are so now far ahead of the competition and save consumers so much over the lifetime of the bulb, that they’re really the only logical choice,” says David. “However this rarely comes across in most light bulb racks.”

The other important message at Led Bright’s warehouse is the impact of LED bulbs in saving energy and the planet. A two watt bulb lasting 25,000 hours or more can replace 50-100 watt incandescent or halogen bulb which will last just 1,000 – 2,000 hours. This can cut energy costs from a single bulb by up to 90 percent.