LED Bright: ‘The Intelligent Light Bulb’


For the last two years, ‘Led Bright’s Choice’ light bulbs have been building on their brand recognition in the marketplace as “the intelligent choice” for consumers.

From a quality standpoint Led Bright bulbs are selected and imported by HighNet Energy from some of the world’s top manufacturers Cree, Epistar, Samsung, Lumileds and Nichia.  For this reason they are unconditionally guaranteed for five full years.

In addition to the huge energy savings from converting to LED’s, intelligent consumers are making a contribution to saving the planet by reducing the demand for new sources of power generation that rely on fossil fuels and other processes destructive to the environment.

But there’s a lot more to the Led Bright brand than the highest quality and an appeal to wise, socially conscious consumers.

Led Bright as a Consumer Educator

Led Bright believes that an informed consumer is an ‘intelligent consumer’. For this reason he shares as much information as he can about the need to eliminate—as quickly as possible—the use of the old technology incandescents and newer, but environmentally destructive compact fluorescents (CFL’s).

He also uses facts and statistics to prove that long-life LED’s actually save consumers hundreds of dollars in the long run.

Doing what is right never made so much sense economically and environmentally.

Led Bright as an Advocate for Change

Led Bright sees a fundamental and seismic shift in the world energy paradigm. He wants to help spread the word that the world will soon move from a system of electricity consumption at the end of a huge power grid to a system where local consumers generate and store energy.

He absolutely believes that this shift will brought about by technological changes as powerful and ‘game-changing” as what occurred with the personal computer and wireless technology.

Led Bright as an Action Hero

Led Bright has come alive as an action hero in the pages of David Clark-Wilson’s book:

Led Bright’s Mission to Save the Planet, The Light Bulb Games

LED-Bright_HeroHe battles ‘Inky’ the old, tired incandescent and ‘Curly’ the “new technology” CFL’s which contain mercury and are destructive to the environment. In a series of competitions Led Bright triumphs and in doing so, educates young and old about how the simple act of making the right choice in changing a light bulb can change the world.

The book is the first in a series of 12 books that will particularly appeal to younger audiences who are the ones who will change the world’s energy future and succeed where the older generations have failed.

LED Bright, “The Intelligent Light Bulb sharing his Intelligence”

There are many LED light bulbs in the marketplace with claims about quality and energy-savings, but there’s only ONE ‘Led Bright’.  Led Bright has to succeed and his five-year guarantee is only the start.

He is appealing to a generation of ‘intelligent’ consumers who want to know that they are doing more than just buying the best LED light bulb the marketplace has to offer. These consumers are leveraging their investment to build an awareness of the need for radical consumer and environmental change.

Led Bright wants to help lead the ‘intelligent debate’ about a better energy future and a better planet.