Tusanero [CC-BY-SA-2.5], via Wikimedia Commons

With energy, we’re where the automobile was in the ’50’s. Remember the slogan ‘longer’ ‘lower’ and ‘wider’ with lots of fins and V-8 engines?

Essentially our insatiable pursuit of energy is based on the same paradigm. Energy mega-projects are ‘longer’, ‘lower’ and ‘wider’, but with an increasing footprint—some would say a boot-print—on our environment. We’re drilling for oil in the Arctic; refining and building pipelines; LNG plants; coal-fired electricity plants and mega-dams. Obviously the technology has improved, but the principle is the same.

All this investment is based on the ‘flow-through’ assessment of energy. We drill for it; the world consumes it and then comes back for more. It’s insatiable and never-ending. And will forever be increasing as the planet hits 10 billion people. At least that’s conventional wisdom.

But supposing we could actually store energy until we needed it. Suppose appliances, cars, businesses and homes actually tapped into their own energy sources and were self-sustaining. Supposing the world’s demand for new energy sources actually imploded as we harness power from solar, geo-thermal, wind, tides and found a way to store and ration this energy?

We’re closer to this generational, paradigm shift than many realize. In future blogs I’ll be exploring this further with you and Led Bright and what it could mean to the future or our planet.

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