HH_InteractiveDisplayHave you ever visited a big box retailer and been frustrated by the inability to be absolutely certain what you are buying when you pop a light bulb package into your shopping cart?

Most light bulb manufacturers sell their bulbs in plastic packaging or wrapped in cellophane which are designed not to be opened until you get home. And there are no active in-store displays that actually show you the quality of the light you’re getting. Only at home will you find out if the bulb actually gives you the light you wanted, and if not, it is often too much of a hassle to return it.

Therefore just a reminder that all Led Bright bulbs sold at the Home Hardware stores come in unwrapped boxes. If you want assurance that our bulbs are right for you, there are spare bulbs you can use to screw into a panel of sockets which are part of the Led Bright display rack in each store.

Simply put, we want people to try out Led Bright’s long-life, top quality bulbs for themselves before they leave the store. We’re convinced that what you’ll find is that LED light bulbs have come a long way in recent years. Most of our bulbs have the same warm, soft glow as the incandescent bulb that people have grown up with.

More importantly, Led Bright’s bulbs will last at least 25,000 hours compared to about 1,000 hours for the incandescent. And by replacing a single incandescent bulb with an LED you could save more than $250 over the life cycle of that single bulb.

If you want to try out Led Bright bulbs for yourself, visit the local Home Hardware store in your community. And to learn more about Led Bright’s mission to save the planet visit our website or send me a message at dcw@highnetenergy.com.