Vancity & HighNet (Logos)‘Making Good Money’ is the tag-line for Vancity’s approach to socially sustainable investments—and saving energy is an important environmental and social goal.

Doing the right thing both socially and environmentally is the reason Led Bright and HighNet Energy joined their corporate partners Vancity in a special tent at this year’s Fair at the PNE. Promoting energy-efficiency through the use of LED light bulbs was part of the message to fair-goers.

Vancity and HighNet have joined forces at other locations around the Lower Mainland this summer to talk about energy and how we can save and conserve. Reducing our demand for energy will reduce the impact on our planet and help efforts to combat global warming.

Vancity members are eligible for a special 20 percent discount coupon when purchasing all Led Bright Bulbs through HighNet Energy. Further information is available on the HighNet-Vancity page.

Led Bright Choice bulbs are also available at most B.C. Home Hardware stores or you can shop in person at the warehouse-showroom location at 2141 Burrard Street in Vancouver or online at the HighNet e-store.

For more information on saving energy and our new energy future, you can also contact: David Clark-Wilson 604-771-9051 or

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