You can purchase Led Bright’s exclusive LED light bulbs from our E-Store, or at the following locations in B.C.

Press Release

Home Hardware shoppers in British Columbia now have the opportunity to learn more about the light bulb industry courtesy of a direct, hands-on experience.

Interactive display racks have been introduced, enabling shoppers to experiment for themselves. They’ll be able to turn the lights on and off to view light levels, touch the Led bulbs to experience how little heat they generate, and learn more about energy-savings of up to 90 percent for each bulb. For comparison’s sake the display will also include other types of light bulbs sold by competitors, with factual information about their performance.

The model for these displays is currently set up at the Led Bright Showroom/Warehouse location at 2141 Burrard Street. When it’s replicated in all the stores it will not only help Home Hardware salespeople, but will educate consumers about saving energy with LED’s,  and explain how they’re also helping save the planet by reducing demand for energy.

The Home Hardware motto is ‘Home Owners helping Homeowners’, with expert advice and timely support. “Making an informed choice on even a light bulb can save a lot of energy.”

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